We are often asked how we choose the shows that we appear at.. what criteria do we use to decide which ones to go to - and which to avoid.

For many people who sell goods at shows, fairs, craft and gift events, markets and other places of attraction to the general public, the lure is a large crowd. For us, selling flavoured honey one sticky finger at a time, we need a smaller crowd....

an ambling, meandering crowd...

folks who are out to have fun, enjoy the atmosphere...

We deliberately choose the shows we do because they attract just such a crowd - plain folks, REAL folks... our kinda folks. And it doesn't hurt that they are generally held in some of the most beautiful country on this or any other planet.

Sometimes we don't make as much money as we perhaps could at larger shows. Sometimes the amenities aren't so grand. Occasionally we go to stately homes, grand halls and manor houses. Mostly we drive there, and come home at night. We have a camper/bus thingy (Nellie - the big blue bus) now, and so next year may find us venturing further afield.

So why did we take all these pictures...who cares about these silly shows..

pictures of sheep (woolies), dogs (woofers), cows (mooers) and giant onions.. performing cats and birds of prey, hills and moors and dales and rivers and streams, hedges and churches and shire horses.. little kids and grown up children... laughing people having fun...

and, of course, there's lots of pictures of mufngruf - that's me Tony (gruff) and the missus Linda (muffin)..

and quite a few of our kids NancySue (Lori) and the Weasel (Tony Jnr.)

and some of our friends.. some we remember their names even...

we don't know where this whole honey sillyness will take us..

but we wanna remember it all when we get too old and feeble to tempt hesitant fingers into our honey drizzle.

and that's why these pages are here.

We hope you enjoy looking at them.. and us.. and folks out to have fun...

hey, look real close, you might just be in there somewhere.


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and then this happened..

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