Who turned the lights out???

sadly, it was us..

KidHugs Flavoured British Honey is taking a break.

We are sorry to say that after all these years, nature, a stressful homelife and the economy,

have finally done us in... along with many of our little flying friends.

Honey stocks are at the lowest for 40 years... some say 60 years., and the price has, quite rightly, gone through the roof.

Our business was always touch and go from the beginning,

but it simply never made enough to give sufficient cushion for the hard times...

we managed to survive the big Chinese honey panic of 2002

because our beekeepers kept our prices as low as they could.

But beekeepers cannot make the sun shine, nor the rains cease.

Bee colonies are vanishing, pollen goes uncollected

and there is no honey to be had.

Conservative estimates say that there will be no British honey at all to be had soon,

maybe the next few years will be better (you'd better hope so, for the sake of the planet),

but for the foreseeable future we have cancelled all of our shows.

and are not even able to satisfy individual mail-orders,.

It is now our intention to rest, recuperate

and see what the fates bring in the future.....

after all,

we have taken less than one month total holidays

in over seven years of honey makin' 'n' sellin'

and I have a "honey-do" list as long as the A1.

We'll miss our customers much more than anything else.

If you want us to let you know when/if we ever crank it back up again,

drop us an email to that effect

but, if you want just to revisit the glory days

as we frequently do...

we'll leave the website up until we need the space for something else.

We thank each and every one of you for your support.



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